Weve Mobile Marketing Agency Takeovers

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EE, 02 and Vodafone, the UK’s largest mobile network operators joined forces to create Weve, a joint venture to mix things up in the world of mobile marketing and accelerate the development of mobile marketing and wallet services in the UK. Having focused on one-on-one meetings with media agencies and major brands since launching in October 2012, Weve wanted to make a big impact in over 7 of the largest media agencies in London to let them know about the Weve brand, its current and future offering and how it can benefit their clients.

As project manager, I delivered the Weve Agency Takeovers; an
experience that gave Weve a big shout at over 7 of the UK’s largest
media agencies through 3 days of activity, driving attendance in on-site
presentations to hear what Weve had to say about the future of mobile
marketing and why Weve is awesome.

All done by weaving magic through a sea of brightly coloured balloons, hundreds of cookies, oversized boxes, undersized bikes and pink wigs. The key ingredients to an amazing first impression, you know.

Opportunity analysis and strategy planning

Weve launched in October 2012, focusing their new business efforts on one on one meetings with media agencies and major brands. Wanting to make a big impact at over 7 of the UK’s largest media agencies, Weve needed an experience that would build awareness and get their mobile marketing and wallet offering front of mind when developing campaigns, create a positive feeling towards Weve and give staff a good working knowledge of what Weve can deliver.

As project manager for digital creative agency Knit, I delivered the Weve Agency Takeovers, a flexible and mobile experience that  engaged all employees, rewarded them for taking part, created a buzz around the office over several days and drive attendance to presentations given by Weve.

Three days before the presentations, staff arrived to work to an agency taken over by Weve with branded pop-up banners and brand ambassadors building up anticipation around Weve’s takeover. POS throughout the agency and flyers distributed by brand ambassadors gave information and timings on the upcoming Weve events and a little something extra to wake them up; by texting ‘WEVE’ to 60777, staff would get an e-voucher for a free hot drink from their agency café, popular coffee shops in the surrounding area or from our very own Weve Mobile Coffee Bar in the building, complete with trained baristas.

I chipped in on the following day for those who had opted in for a free coffee as a second e-voucher was sent out letting them know they could pick up another free pick me up from a secret location dishing out homemade choc chip cookies baked fresh that day…

And on the third and final day of the takeovers, we really ramped up the excitement as agency workers turned up to work finding a sea of Weve branded balloons waiting for them and brand ambassadors handing out breakfast brownies to sweeten up the morning for those who missed breakfast. The balloons and brownies came with swing tags attached with details and timings of the presentations later that day and encouraging them to text ‘BOX’ to 60777 to enter a prize draw to win fun prizes for them and their workmates.

An hour later, every twenty minutes a winner was announced, phoned up and had a Weve Mobile Party Box delivered straight to their desk, containing all the perfect ingredients for having a party with their workmates, including alcohol and mixers, snacks, fancy dress gear, giant board games, karaoke machines and tiny bikes!

All this activity drove attendance to the presentations (with a final reminder text being broadcasted 30 minutes before) to hear what Weve was all about, the future of mobile marketing, with the cherry on top being a Q+A session with a panel made up of Weve’s top guys, fielding all questions with drinks and Weve branded cupcakes served to top off the day.