Lucozade Revive Office Revivals

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2012 saw the launch of Lucozade’s new, lightly sparkling energising drink packed with B vitamins, Lucozade Revive. We were tasked with delivering 200k samples of Revive into the hands of a highly targeted new audience, finding relevant locations for both the audience and product and getting them up to speed on the benefits of Revive and positioning the tasty new member of the Lucozade family as a premium, lightly energised drink.

I managed Lucozade Revive’s takeover of the Design Museum for the weekly ‘Midweek Revival’ and took to the streets of London to scout out  where the perfect target consumers were hiding in over 500 offices. After selling in the idea to sample Lucozade Revive to office managers, I organised sampling teams to hit the road for 6 weeks and managed teams on the field during live activity.

Office Sampling​

The Lucozade Revive sampling teams set off to where office workers needed that light lift in the mornings and afternoons most, hitting the road over 6 weeks and fighting fatigue in over 228 offices throughout central London and delivering over 300,000 bottles. Three different sized set ups allowed teams to sample in any office at any time, whether that meant a large display in the foyer, a medium sized unit in a cafeteria or mobile trolleys zipping from desk to desk.

The Midweek Revival​

And The Design Museum in London got its own makeover during the weekly ‘Midweek Revival’ for a unique experience where visitors could sink back and lounge in colourful seats relevant to Revive’s different flavours and enjoy free massages – all whilst sipping on chilled Lucozade Revive from champagne flutes served at the Revive bar.