Lucozade Energy YES Festivals Tour

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Lucozade, the UK’s leading sports and energy drinks range launched its YES campaign in 2011, designed to inspire people to get active, give their all, soak up some energy and squeeze as much passion, excitement and fun out of life as they can. When different forms of energy come together, great things happen and ‘YES Moments’ get made.

, Lucozade Energy planned to heat things up in the summer of 2012 with an epic tour of five of the UK’s hottest festivals to bring the energy, fuel the good times and inspire festival goers to experience a whole host of YES Moments.

As event coordinator, I was responsible for initial planning, preparation and staffing of the event before we hit the road, in addition to marketing, PR and overseeing and delivering the activation from the field as core brand ambassador once we’d parked up to get the party started.

Building the YES Team

To scout out and find the perfect promotional team to represent Lucozade Energy, I wrote and broadcasted job adverts across the web and at posted up in universities, interviewed applicants and put together the YES Team to bring Lucozade Energy to life at five festivals over seventeen days, getting tens of thousands of samples sipped and creating countless smiles through the rain and sunshine at Beach Break Live, Latitude, Global Gathering, T in the Park and V Festival.


At the entrance to the festivals where the public arrived to mile long lines and itching to get set up, the Energy Exchange ramped up the excitement and got the party started with a live DJ brining the bass and tunes, chilled Lucozade energising the tired and thirsty travellers, and a ‘Spin to Win’ game to get them on their way with festival essentials, including pop-up tents, sunglasses, ponchos and drawstring bags.


When the party people were in need of a pick me up and extra boost of energy, the YES Team combed campsites first thing in the mornings, dropping off chilled bottles of Lucozade Energy right at the doorsteps of festival goers in carry cases to energise them and fuel the big day ahead.


By day, the Lucozade YES Arena became a hang out hub and perfect place for festival goers to kick-back, recharge and get-set for their night ahead. Coming equipped with a juke box style silent disco where festival-goers could choose their own songs in iPads and relax in deck chairs, ben bags and retro speaker styled seating, the YES Arena also served visitors ice cold samples of Lucozade Energy orange and the new limited edition Summer Fruits flavour at the recharge bar.


Professional photographers took pictures of people experiencing their YES Moments outside the YES Arena (from human pyramids, to pirouettes and parkour) before uploading them to Faceboook. Festival-goers were given red wristbands with the Lucozade Energy Facebook page address and encouraged to find their photo, tag themselves and share their YES Moments with friends, with iPads on the back of the BIG Yes sign coming equipped with Wi-Fi allowing them to share there and then.


Once the main arena closed the festival headliners finished up, turning the lights down behind them, the YES Arena fired up with impossible to miss laser and light shows, keeping the party going for the festival crowds at the late night silent disco – the biggest attraction and music destination open until the early hours with giveaways, dancers on stage, two music channels and free ice cold Lucozade Energy. The YES Arena gave festival-goers their final send-off into the night – before they woke up in the morning to the Original Delivery to do it all over again.