Johnnie Walker Red Experiential Campaign Copy

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With a new advertising campaign for Johnnie Walker Red featuring Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame, Diageo were looking to mix things up with a sampling campaign surrounded by theatrics to position Johnnie Walker Red and ginger ale – promoted as ‘Johnnie and Ginger’ – as the perfect match and drink for both men and women.

Tasked with coming up with a digital element and characters representing the drink, I characterised the two key ingredients as hot new celebrity couple Johnnie and Ginger highlighting the two key ingredients in the drink and writing their backstory for a fictional newspaper left in bars to build intrigue before the stars themselves paid a little visit!

Opportunity analysis and strategy planning

Actors playing the roles of Johnnie and Ginger would pull up to venues in a stretch limo to flashing cameras from paparazzi, before dropping into the venue to celebrate their getting together as the perfect match and getting consumers a round of samples to celebrate.

The Johnnie Walker Facebook page gave a tip off where consumers could meet Johnnie and Ginger that weekend, and if they spotted and snapped a photo with the couple and uploaded it to a dedicated app, gave the chance to win prizes including supercar triple thrill driving experiences in an Aston Martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini, premium shopping experiences and luxury country getaways.