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Fluid London is one of London’s top bar and restaurant guides dedicated to keeping hungry and thirsty Londoners in the loop on shaking things up and taking a bite out of the city’s best bars and restaurants with top 10 listings, bar and restaurant reviews, features and more. As someone with a passion for tasty things (overeating) and occasionally forgetting who I am on nights out, I combined my super power of being a complete geek, bar manager and general love affair with alcohol to become Fluid’s resident geek lad.

As the resident geek, I made changes for the user experience of the site, ensured all existing articles were optimised for search engines and designed graphics for articles, the website and newsletters. And as resident party animal with a notebook, I wrote up top 10 listings, venue descriptions, reviews and features on where to grab cocktails in the capital and party it up at some of central London’s best venues… along with a word of warning on where the hangover wouldn’t be worth the hassle.